Maximize your home cooking routine. Shape your emotional and physical health

Get Energized

Eat regulary to fuel your body.
Chew every bite slowly calm your
stomach and stay relaxed.
Boost your well-being with properly selected food ingredients rich in nutrients.

Stay Organized

Planning food ahead saves time. Doing it is pretty easy and there is no catch.
Shopping is faster with a smart list.
Organizing food storage will prepare you to execute your cooking plan.
All the homecooking activities can be adjusted to your lifestyle, wherever you are.

Feel Sexy

Feel beautiful. Be beautiful.
You are what you eat. Treat your body
with respect and fuel it with care.
Observe it, learn it.
Food seletions you make will
shape your body, accordingly.

You are what you eat.
Choose wisely



MentorCook App will reinforce your healthy choices:

› form your balanced diet plan,

› make a grocery shopping list,

› prepare healthiest meals,

› learn relaxed eating style,

› know how to observe your body.



World Mission:


What I do

Transforming food stereotypes and thinking about food to help in your life transformation

Why I do it

I believe that everyone that has healthy food is better person

Why you need it

To fully accept and appritiate your body and energy flow



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Mona Kołodziejczyk

Mona Kołodziejczyk

Lubi dobrze zjeść
Uważa duchowość za wspaniałą umiejętność
Rozwija się osobowościowo
Lubi eksperymentować w kuchni
Walczy z nadmierną konsumpcją
Zapalony odkrywca ekologicznych rozwiązań do własnego domu
Chce doświadczać życia w każdym wymiarze
Czas to dla niej skarb i traktuje go z należytym szacunkiem